What is an Inverted Nipple? How is It Corrected?


Q.: What is an inverted nipple? and how is it corrected?

Dr. Brown answers: “Inverted nipples are actually quite common. They can occur as the breast develops in puberty or at any time later in life. Inverted nipples that “come out” when stimulated are usually left alone. Inverted nipples that remain inverted at all times may be corrected with a small surgical procedure. It is important to be properly assessed to insure that there is no underlying cause for a new or recently developed inverted nipple.

Surgical correction is performed in an office setting, under local anaesthetic. A small incision is made at the base of the nipple and the “bands” that are holding in the nipple are divided. A single dissolvable stitch and a small bandage are applied. Women should be aware that they may lose some sensation in the nipple and usually breastfeeding is unsuccessful following correction of inverted nipples.”

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