Revision Breast Surgery

In Canada, there are thousands of elective breast surgery procedures performed every year. These surgeries are carried out for a variety of reasons including a desire to reduce the breast size, modify the shape of the breast, correct differences between two breasts or increase the volume of the breasts.

When future surgery is required or occurs on the breast, it is referred to as secondary or revision breast surgery. These surgeries may be indicated for a variety of reasons including normal aging and changes to the body and the breast. They may also be needed as a result of complications related to the initial surgery or implants.

Revision breast surgery requires a thoughtful approach that addresses both the goals of the patient as well as the specific issues or concerns related to the breast. If breast implants have been used, then replacement or removal may be indicated. Each revision breast procedure is truly unique to that person and requires a plan and an approach that addresses those unique needs.

Dr. Brown has dedicated a large part of his plastic surgery practice to revision or secondary breast surgery. He has developed a separate website that will help you determine when you might need revision breast surgery. You will find information about treatment options along with an extensive before-and-after case gallery. Visit »