High-Resolution Ultrasound (HRUS) for Breast Implants

Looking After You Inside and Out

High Resolution Ultrasound (HRUS) is cutting edge technology for the in-depth monitoring of breast implant recovery and ongoing breast implant health. Toronto Plastic Surgery is the first plastic surgical centre in Canada to offer High Resolution Ultrasound (HRUS) technology. HRUS is available in office and will be performed when clinically indicated during a follow-up appointment. Patients may also choose to undergo an elective HRUS assessment as an additional screening tool for their breast implants.

Breast implant follow up with HRUS allows the surgical team to evaluate the position and integrity of the implants, note any scar tissue that may have formed around the implants, and observe any fluid that may have collected around the outside of the implants. Combined with a physical examination, Toronto Plastic Surgery can now assess breast implants beyond the surface and more thoroughly than ever before.

High Resolution Ultrasound (HRUS) Advantages

  • Non-invasive, painless scans allow our team to see beyond what physical examination can offer
  • Implemented as a unique extension to our regular physical examination when clinically indicated.
  • Provides information about the position of the implant
  • Allows us to look at the integrity of the implant
  • Provides a direct look at how the capsule is developing around the implant
  • Tells us whether there is fluid around the implant
  • Similar to a standard ultrasound but specifically developed to monitor breast implants; does not replace routine mammography or imaging of the breast tissue
  • Efficiently performed in-office

Improved Implant Health Through Enhanced Monitoring Program

All new breast implant patients at Toronto Plastic Surgery are automatically enrolled into our regular follow up and implant monitoring program. Patients will receive one complimentary HRUS at the 12-18 month follow-up appointment. Subsequent ultrasounds will be offer as clinically indicated. Fees may apply.

HRUS screening and monitoring of breast implants may also be applicable for patients who have had their breast implants inserted by another surgeon.

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