After Care

Following your surgery, there are several things that you should be aware of. Most important, if there is anything at all that you are uncertain about, please make sure to contact our office.

Swelling and Bruising

This is normal after surgery and will subside gradually over 7-10 days.

You can minimize swelling by wearing a supportive sports bra, limiting your physical activity and applying ice packs to the breasts during the first few days. If one breast noticeably swells more than the other, please notify Dr. Brown.

Bruising following breast augmentation is rare although sometimes a small amount of bruising can be seen under the breast or in the area between the two breasts. If bruising does occur, it will disappear within the first two weeks.


Most patients experience some pain and discomfort following surgery. This usually subsides after several days. You will have been given a prescription for pain medication which should adequately control any discomfort. Please take it as prescribed on the bottle. If you experience increasing pain not responding to medication, please notify our office.


The body temperature may rise slightly over 38°C after surgery. If fever persists after 24 hours, despite drinking liberal amounts of fluid, notify Dr. Brown’s office.


Following your surgery, there will be a thin, clear bandage placed over your incision. This is the only bandage that will be used. It should be kept dry until your first postoperative visit at our office. It is fine to sponge bath, sit in a bath up to your waist and wash your hair in a sink, but showers should be avoided.


Dr. Brown uses dissolvable stitches only, so there are no stitches to be removed. Once the initial bandage has been removed it is fine to wash normally over the incision with soap and water. You can then apply a thin coat of Vitamin E oil or BioOil to the incision once or twice daily.


In general, you should wear a comfortable cotton sports bra day and night for the first month after surgery. This will help to provide you with support during the early healing period. Underwire and push-up bras can be worn after the first month.


It is fine to start gentle physical activity in the second week after surgery. This includes walking and stretching. Heavier activities such as jogging, aerobics classes, contact sports and upper body weights should be avoided for one month.


It is common to undergo massage exercises after having breast augmentation to minimize the risk of hardening or capsular contracture. Dr. Brown will advise women who have undergone BA with smooth surface implants to start massaging within the first week after surgery.  When textured surface implants are used, routine massage exercises are not performed.

Although there will be some initial swelling, the new, enhanced shape to your body will be evident immediately after surgery. Like many of our patients who have breast augmentation, you may feel a boost in self-confidence and find it easier to wear certain clothing styles. In the following months, you will be asked to return for periodic check-ups, so that we can assess your long-term results and address any questions that you may have.



Scar Prevention