Tuberous Breast

Tuberous breast is a name given to a particular type of breast shape. There are a variety of forms of tuberous breast, ranging from mild to severe.

Tuberous breasts develop when the skin does not stretch adequately during puberty. The result is a tight, constricted breast, shaped somewhat like a tube. Often the breasts will have a pointed shape, rather than a nice round base. The pigmented areola is usually quite large and often looks as it if has been stuck onto the end of the breast. Women should know that tuberous breasts are more common than most people realize.

Who is a candidate for tuberous breast surgery?

Women with a tuberous breast often feel very self conscious about the “abnormal” appearance and size of their breast. Often, there is noticeable asymmetry between the two breasts. Usually, correction is performed after puberty, once the breasts have fully developed. In severe cases, correction may be undertaken earlier, however it is generally best to wait until the breast has had a chance to fully mature.

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What is involved in a tuberous breast surgery?

The specific surgery required will depend upon the type of tuberous breast, but usually involves inserting a breast implant to stretch the constricted base and increase the size of the breast, followed by correction of the enlarged areola. Following surgery, most women feel a sense of improvement in their self-image and self-confidence.