Natural-Looking Fuller Lips Thanks to Juvederm

By the time she was a teenager, Kristen was bothered by how thin her lips were. After consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon, she decided to have fillers added into her lips to give her a subtle yet fuller appearance.

Fillers, also known as dermal fillers and soft tissue fillers, are a type of minimally injectables used in a minimally invasive procedure to add volume to various areas, including the lips – as well as to alter the contours of the face and fill in wrinkles. It offers immediate results with little recovery time.

“My plastic surgeon used Juvederm on my lips. He filled both my top and bottom lip and sent me home with ice and arnica for the swelling and bruising,” explained Kristen.

Kristen had bruising and swelling only for a few days.

“I had the procedure for the first time three years ago and recently re-did it. I love it. My lips are soft, fuller, and they look natural! It is a great product for your lips and I couldn’t be happier!” exclaims Kristen.