Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day 2020 – Virtual Edition

I am excited to announce that for 2020, I have partnered with the Peter Gilgan Centre for Women’s Cancers at Women’s College Hospital along with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons.

We will be delivering a single National Virtual Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day on Wednesday, October 21 from 7-10pm Eastern time. The program will include a series of presentations from plastic surgeons as well as women who have undergone breast reconstruction, virtual breakout education rooms, a virtual resource centre and the virtual show and tell lounge.

BRA Day was founded in 2011 around three central pillars to promote Access, Education and Awareness regarding reconstructive breast surgery.

Registration is complimentary and can be found at the following link:

BRA Day Schedule of Events (PDF)

Mitchell Brown MD
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Founder, Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day

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Dr. Brown Interview: “Perspective from North of the Border”

Dr. Brown was interviewed on a podcast ” Shareef Mahdavi – Insights on Patient Experience” where he shared what his dual academic/private practice has experienced these past few months.

There are definite differences between Canada and the US in terms of how each country has responded to “shelter in place.” With major differences between these two healthcare systems, Dr. Brown shares his perspective on what the ideal healthcare system might look like: a blend of the best of both the US and Canadian models.

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Dr. Brown on Raw Talk Podcast “Trans Health: True to Self”

While many of us take for granted the ability to express our true selves, it was only in June of 2017 that gender identity and expression was officially recognized and protected from discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act. This and many other policy changes, including those related to healthcare, stem from decades of effort and courage from the trans community.

Dr. Mitchell Brown spoke at the Raw Talk Podcast about the Transition-Related Surgery Program, the first public hospital-based surgical program in Canada focused on providing safe and timely access to transition-related surgical care.

Dr. Brown’s segment begins at the 28-minute mark.

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