In the Media

Dr. Mitchell Brown is often quoted and interviewed in the media. Below is a selection of Dr. Brown’s press items.

Other Television and Radio

  • Global News, “Breakthrough in Breast Reconstruction”, Breast Reconstruction and Alloderm: June 4, 2009.
  • Talk TV, CP 24 with Anne Mroczkowski: September 19, 2005.
  • CP24 Talkback Toronto Live, What’s New in Plastic Surgery: April 11, 2005.
  • CP24 Talkback Toronto Live, Breast and Body Contouring: November 15, 2004.
  • Women’s Network: Heartbeats. Oct. 2004. Dr. Brown discusses breast reconstruction with the use of breast implants.
  • Discovery Health TV. November 2002.

Magazines and Newspapers

October 2013, Toronto Sun “Show-and-tell event helps breast cancer survivors”

October 2013, Ellitoral “Knowing Your Breasts Can Save Your Life”, Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day in Argentina

February 2012, Cosmetic Surgery Times “Take Two”

“Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day ASAPS Member Launches National BRA Day in Canada” (PDF)

October 2011, PostMedia News “N.L. men lose hundreds of pounds, but province won’t pay for ‘loose skin’ surgery”

March 2011, Science Magazine, Science Daily News “More average guys are turning to cosmetic surgeons for fountain of youth”

March 2011, concurrent appearance in Winnipeg Free Press and Westlock News (Westlock, Alberta) “More men going under the knife for nips, tucks” by Sheryl Ubelacker

March 2007, Fashion Magazine “Tuck Shop”

Spring 2006, Elevate Magazine “Pep Talk, Breast lifts are the envy of a new clientele: the thirtysomething bachelorette without child” by Janette Ewen

March 2006, Fashion Magazine “Review”

November 2005, New You, Cosmetic Enhancement and Anti-Aging Guide “Breast Assets”

May 2005, Faze Teen Magazine “Bodies Under Construction: Teen Cosmetic Surgery”

March 2005, Fashion Magazine “Gilding the Lily: Where to Get Plumper Lips and Slimmer Hips in Toronto” by Liza Finlay

New Year 2005, Elevate Magazine “10 Myths & Truths: Fact or Fiction? We Dispel the Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Myths.” by Kavita Gosyne

January 2004, Elevate Magazine “Second Opinion: Breast Surgery” by Susan Williamson

“When Your Cup Runneth Over” by Antonia Morton

June 2004, Cosmetic Surgery Times “Patients Pleased with Cohesive Silicone Gel Breast Implants” by Nancy Groves

June 2004, Fashion Magazine “(Surgeons) The Big Kahunas: Dr. Mitchell H. Brown”

2004, Elevate Magazine “The Surge In Surgery: Why Cosmetic Enhancements Are So Popular” by Susan Williamson

8 November 2003, Toronto Star “Nip and Tuck Enhancements to Your Holiday” by Malene Arpe

June 2003, Fashion Magazine “Plastic Surgeons: The Private Guys”

Summer 2003, Elevate Magazine “Considering Breast Augmentation? Here’s What You Need to Know”

January 2003, Medical Post “Physicians Lack Breast Reconstruction Info” by Jenny Manzer

Summer 2002, Elevate Magazine “The 5 Top Cosmetic Surgeries For Men” by Susan Williamson

11 January 2002, Globe & Mail: “Doctors, to Your Scalpels” by Kelly, Deidre

July 1997, Chatelaine “Downsizing: My Breast Reduction” by Evelyne Michaels

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