Physician Assistant

Stephanie is trained as a Physician Assistant (PA) and joined Toronto Plastic Surgery in 2016.

PAs are health care professionals who work with physicians to provide medical care. PAs are trained in a similar model to medical doctors in Canada and provide care under the direction and supervision of a physician. Stephanie works closely with Dr. Brown and assists him in providing excellent care throughout your surgical journey. Stephanie is very knowledgeable about aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and has a kind and gentle approach to patient care. She is an excellent source of information for all of your medical questions.

Stephanie completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences at McMaster University in 2012. Following her undergraduate degree, she worked in research with the Department of Surgery at the McMaster University Children’s Hospital where her main work was focused on post-operative pain management. She then returned to McMaster to complete her BHSc Physician Assistant Degree in 2015.  She has a keen interest in surgery and spent a majority of her training in various surgical specialties which allowed her to develop a thorough understanding of a patient’s journey through surgery.

Stephanie is a member of the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants and continues to be involved in the Physician Assistant program.  She ensures her knowledge is up to date by attending conferences and lectures and collaborates with our doctors on a variety of academic and research activities.