FAQ: Recovery

Where can I recover after my surgery?

Recovery is an important part of your treatment. Dr. Somogyi will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions that you have to carefully follow to ensure the best possible outcome for your surgery.

In most cases it will be recommended that you return home the same day of your surgery to begin your recovery. However, if the procedure is more extensive, if medical needs require it or if you have little support at home, you may be given the option to spend some time as an inpatient in one of our facilities.

Who will care for me during my recovery?

If you return home on the day of your surgery, it will be recommended that you have a responsible adult present to help you during the initial recovery period. If you stay with us as an inpatient, nurses trained to care for post-surgical patients will look after you.  In either case, you will have 24hr access to Dr. Somogyi and his staff who will fully support you throughout your entire surgical journey.

How long will my recovery last?

Every patient and every procedure is unique. Dr. Somogyi will discuss your recovery plan in detail with you at your pre-op consultation. All instructions will be given to you in detail, including wound care, medication, restrictions and things to look out for.

When will I meet with Dr. Somogyi after my surgery?

Dr. Somogyi will talk to you immediately after your surgery and review your procedure and post-operative plan.  In most cases you will see Dr. Somogyi in the office or at one of the hospital clinics within 3-7 days of your surgery.

What happens in case of a complication or questions I may have?

All possible complications or problems you may experience after the surgery will be discussed in detail. If you have any questions or concerns during your recovery you will be given contact information to reach Dr. Somogyi or his staff any time.