Our Press – 10 Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Truths

10 Myths & Truths: Fact or Fiction? We dispel the most common cosmetic surgery myths

Elevate Magazine, New Year 2005. By Kavita Gosyne
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Myth One: Breast Implants Cause A Loss Of Sensation To The Nipple

Truth: Most women maintain normal sensation on the nipple after surgery. About one-third of women notice some decreased sensation after surgery, but in most of these patients sensation returns completely within six to 12 months. About five per cent of patients experience some perceptible loss of feeling on the nipples after surgery. – Dr. Mitchell H. Brown, Toronto.

Myth Three: Breast Implants Are Always Cool To The Touch Because The Implants Cannot Warm Up With Your Body Temperature

Truth: Although it’s true that breast implants do not take on normal body temperature, there is a significant amount of tissue surrounding a breast implant, which means breasts that have been augmented usually maintain the same temperature as the rest of the body. Occasionally, a woman with breast implants may feel a cold sensation in her breast on particularly cold days, but this is quite unusual. – Dr. Mitchell H. Brown, Toronto.

Myth Seven: You Have To Gain Weight Before Getting Breast Implants So That Your Skin Will Be Stretchy Enough For The Implant

Truth: You shouldn’t purposely try to gain weight before undergoing breast implant surgery. Although weight gain may stretch the skin slightly, the better approach is to select an implant size that is properly accommodated by the overlying skin envelope. This varies from person to person but care should be taken to avoid overstretching the skin, as this will result in a very tight, unnatural-looking breast – Dr. Mitchell H. Brown, Toronto.