FAQ: Surgery

Where does Dr. Somogyi peform surgery?

Dr. Somogyi is on staff at both North York General and Woman’s College Hospital and has full operating privileges at a privately owned operating facility in Yorkville – The Cumberland Clinic. Taking into consideration the procedures selected, your desires and your medical history, Dr. Somogyi will recommend the best location for your procedure. Minor surgeries, such as excision of skin lesions can be performed at the Woman’s College Hospital Minor Procedure Clinic or at North York General’s Branson Hospital.

Can I choose where my surgery will be performed?

Dr. Somogyi will recommend the best place for you to have your procedure. In many cases, multiple locations are suitable. If you have a specific request, please mention it, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I choose the type of anesthesia?

Dr. Somogyi will always consider every option in deciding the best type of anesthesia for your procedure. Together with our anesthesiologist and your input, Dr. Somogyi will recommend local anesthesia, regional blocks, light sedation or a general anesthetic.

What are the risks for a surgical procedure?

The risks of surgery depend on the procedure and will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation and during pre-operative visits.

Through the use of the newest surgical techniques and established surgical expertise, risks are significantly minimized. Moreover, by providing a full medical history and by you following all the pre- and post-operative instructions,potential complication from your procedure are vastly reduced.

Who is the right candidate for plastic surgery?

The right candidate for plastic surgery is the one who has clear goals, realistic expectations, recognizes the limits of surgery and understands that all procedures have risks. The decision for a treatment should be exclusively yours and should be taken with full confidence and understanding. Dr. Somogyi will spend as long as needed with you to ensure that you reach this point.

What is the right age for plastic surgery?

There is no specific answer to this question. Dr. Somogyi feels strongly that every patient and every problem is unique and should be individualized and treated accordingly. Each age group has its own preferences for specific procedures and the proposed treatments should be adjusted according to the patient’s problem.

What is the difference between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery?

This is a fine line with great overlap between the two. In general, cosmetic surgery enhances and improves a healthy and functional part of the body while reconstructive surgery corrects a deformity, congenital or acquired, that can cause functional or cosmetic problems to a patient. The goal of reconstructive surgery is to restore the function and natural image of the body.

Dr. Somogyi has received subspecialty training in both these areas and feels strongly that principles of each are required to accurately assess each patients concern and to provide long lasting, functional and natural results.

Where is plastic surgery performed?

All surgery should be performed in medical centers certified from the ministry of health that provide all the necessary facilities to ensure maximal patient safety. Dr. Somogyi operates in two of Toronto’s well respected hospitals as well as a fully accredited private surgery centre in Yorkville.

How many days of inpatient care are needed after plastic surgery?

Using modern techniques and the latest equipment, most procedures are performed faster and safer than ever before. These advances have allowed most of Dr. Somogyi’s procedures to be done as day surgery where patients return home the same day of surgery. If the surgery is extended, is of a more complicated nature, or if medical comorbidities dictate,a short inpatient stay may be required. This is possible in any of the locations where Dr. Somogyi operates.