HydraDerm Peel

What is the HydraDerm Peel?

The Hydraderm peel uses ingredients that both hydrate and gently exfoliate at the same time.

What are the steps to the peel?

HydraDerm is a two-step, in-office treatment that is virtually painless and requires very little down time.  The treatment starts with cleansing of the skin after which an exfoliating gel is applied. The exfoliating gel remains on the skin for 10 minutes to allow for absorption which will help to loosen the dead layers of skin.

Next step is the polishing cream which will be hand massaged into the skin to dislodge and exfoliate the dull dry skin. The polishing cream is specifically formulated to bring the skin to its natural pH of approximately 5.5. – a perfect balance.

What is the result I can expect?

The end result is soft, smooth, glowing skin that will continue to plump and hydrate over the next few days. 

What is the expected downtime?

The HydraDerm peel is perfect all year round as there is minimal or no downtime at all.  There maybe mild superficial peeling or none at all.

How long will the results last?

At the time of your peel your skin care routine will be reviewed.  Recommendations may be made to achieve long lasting results.  Our office will always recommend that you skin stays hydrated and protected from the sum.