Breast augmentation recovery: frequently asked questions.

Dr. Ron Somogyi answers some common questions about the breast augmentation recovery process.

Toronto Plastic Surgery, Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast augmentation surgery involves placing an implant behind each breast to increase size and enhance shape, with the goal of creating breasts that look natural and fit with the overall proportions of a woman’s body. Many women choose to undergo the procedure following changes brought on by pregnancy and breastfeeding, while others want to correct breasts they feel are too small, uneven, misshapen or disproportionate. In our experience, there are very few procedures that have as positive an impact on a woman’s self-esteem.

When a patient is considering a procedure like breast augmentation, we begin by discussing goals and expectations, and we spend as much time as necessary to explain the procedure and answer questions. Some of the most common questions that we hear have to do with breast augmentation recovery. Many women are under the impression that recovering from a procedure like breast augmentation means prolonged pain, weeks of missed work, and months before they can enjoy their results. Modern breast augmentation at Toronto Plastic Surgery takes advantage of several well-established, cutting edge techniques that make recovery quicker and more comfortable than ever. We take pride in the fact that most of our patients are pleasantly surprised with the ease of their recovery.

Today, we’re setting the record straight and addressing some of the most common questions and concerns about breast augmentation recovery.

How long does breast augmentation recovery take?

Breast augmentation at Toronto Plastic Surgery is an outpatient procedure, which means you return home the day of your surgery. Our use of multimodal analgesia (a combination of medications given before and after surgery) combined with our gentle and precise approach, means women can often return to most normal activities within a few days, though we often recommend you plan for one week off from work. This provides adequate time to rest and heal during this initial period.

How can I prepare for recovery?

Having the support of your family and friends throughout your recovery is so important. Make sure you arrange to have someone accompany you on the day of surgery to drive you home, and someone to help you around the house in your first few days of recovery.

What can I expect immediately following surgery?

Pain, bruising and mild swelling are normal and expected. We recommend avoiding the use of your arms and chest immediately following surgery, so wear loose-fitting clothing that does not need to be pulled over your head. We’ll also provide you with a fitted recovery bra that you will wear at all times for approximately four weeks, to reduce swelling and maintain the shape of the breasts.

Throughout your recovery, you should sleep on your back to avoid putting pressure on your breasts, and avoid getting your dressings wet until you see us for your first postoperative visit a few days after surgery.

Will I be in pain?

Patients typically experience some pain and discomfort for a few days after surgery. While you will be sore, the pain should not be enough to prevent you from going about most of your regular daily activities. We will discuss pain management options with you and explain how to care for your surgical incisions to ensure optimal recovery and comfort.

What can I do to ensure a speedy recovery?

The most important thing you can do to ensure a speedy, comfortable recovery is follow the pre- and postoperative instructions provided. Be sure to schedule and attend your regular follow-up appointments, and properly care for your incisions, as instructed. Lastly, you should take all medications and antibiotics as prescribed.

When can I go back to work?

Unless your job involves heavy lifting or vigorous physical activity, you can normally return to work a few days to one week after your surgery.

When can I start exercising again?

In the weeks following your surgery, we will gradually guide you in getting back to your favourite activities, including exercise. Most patients are able to resume low-impact physical activities after 2-3 weeks, but it is recommended that you avoid upper body exercises and vigorous physical activities such as heavy lifting, running, jogging, or swimming for 4-6 weeks after surgery.

When will I see my final results?

The swelling that is present after surgery is only temporary and should resolve within a few weeks. You should keep in mind that your implants may take several months to settle into a more natural position, at which point your final results will be visible.

If you have any additional questions about breast augmentation recovery, we invite you to schedule a surgical consultation with us at Toronto Plastic Surgery today.

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