About Dr. Somogyi

Dr. Somogyi is recognized as an expert in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Specializing in breast, body and facial plastic surgery, he has a particular interest in patient safety, education and most importantly ensuring the optimal patient experience. He is relaxed and personable and takes pride in making sure that all your concerns are addressed and questions are answered.

Dr. Somogyi was awarded the RealSelf Top Doctor status, designation given to less than 10% of all RealSelf doctors.

Always beginning with a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Somogyi will listen to your goals and hear your vision. He will use his extensive experience to guide you through the decision-making process using patient examples, 3D photography and computer simulation. Together, you will proceed to surgery only when completely comfortable in your decisions.

Dr. Somogyi’s passion is the combination of reconstructive and aesthetic techniques to achieve the perfect result in every case. He developed this approach during his extensive residency training program at the University of Toronto and fellowships in Melbourne, Australia. He continues to be active in maintaining expertise with the most current techniques through regular conference attendance, and frequent travelling preceptorships with experts from around the world.

Dr. Somogyi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto and currently shares his expertise around the world through journal publication, book writing and presentation at national and international meetings.


In Canada, any medical doctor is legally allowed to perform cosmetic surgery. It is therefore very important for a person considering surgery to investigate the credentials of the doctor that he or she is going to consult with. Plastic surgeons in Canada complete a minimum of five years of residency training following medical school. Their training consists of focused learning about all aspects of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is the only specialty in which cosmetic surgery of the entire body is part of the formal curriculum. Following their training, all plastic surgeons must pass the written and oral examinations of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada becoming a Fellow of the Royal College (FRCSC). You should ensure that the doctor you are considering to perform your surgery is a plastic surgeon and is a FRCSC specifically in plastic surgery.

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Dr. Ron Somogyi, BSc, MD, MSc, FRCSC attended medical school at the University of Toronto, graduating at the Honours level and receiving several awards including the Robert P. Orange Prize for Academic Achievement and Leadership as well as the Medical Society Honour Award.

Dr. Somogyi then completed an intensive five-year residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The University of Toronto. During this time, he excelled in his clinical training as well as maintained an active research interest, specifically in the areas of cosmetic surgery, surgical safety and breast reconstruction. He completed his residency with accolades that included Best Clinical Research Paper in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the prestigious D.R. Wilson Teaching Award.

With clinical interests in Aesthetic Surgery as well as Cancer Reconstruction, he then travelled to Melbourne, Australia to complete two subspecialty fellowship training programs. At the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, he focused on cutting edge surgical techniques to provide additional reconstructive options for breast cancer patients and patients with large skin tumor resections. During his second fellowship at The Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery, his focus was the refinement of general plastic surgical techniques as well as novel techniques in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Somogyi then returned to Toronto where he became a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Somogyi is currently on staff at North York General Hospital and Women’s College Hospital where he maintains a General Reconstructive Practice with a focus on Breast Reconstruction. Through his downtown office at Toronto Plastic Surgery and The Cumberland Clinic, he has developed an Aesthetic Plastic Surgery practice that focuses on patient centred care with the ultimate goal of patient comfort, confidence and excellent results.

Dr. Somogyi is a member of numerous International Surgical Societies and maintains an active interest in continued medical education, teaching and clinical research.


Journal Publications

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Book Chapters

Mitchell Brown, Brett Beber, Ron Somogyi. Skin Sparing Mastectomy: Planned Two Stage and Direct to Implant Breast Reconstruction; Neligan Plastic Surgery; 4th edition. Breast Section. July 2015. In Press. CPA

Case Reports

Ron Somogyi, Hiroshi Sasano, Alex Vesely, Case Report: Behind the Mask. Respiratory Therapy Journal. Nov/Oct 2002.  TP. CPA

Invited Lectures and Presentations


Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. North York General Hospital, Multidisciplinary Breast Reconstruction Group (Toronto, Canada)


Oncoplastic Surgery
Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery Fellows Retreat 2015 (Melbourne, Australia)

An Update on Breast Reconstruction for Primary Care Physicians
Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day for Professionals (Toronto, Canada)

Lessons Learned Down Under
North York General Hospital, Department of Surgery Grand Rounds (Toronto, Canada)

Correcting Small Volume Asymmetry using Deep Parenchymal Resection
Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery, Advanced Aesthetic Meeting 2015 (Melbourne, Australia)


Oncoplastic Surgery; The New Frontier of Breast Surgery
North York General Hospital Grand Rounds (Toronto, Canada)


Understanding the factors that influence breast reconstruction decision making in Australian Women
Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Department of Surgical Oncology Multidiciplinary Rounds (Melbourne, Australia)

Bone and Cartilage Tumours of the Hand
St. Michael’s Hospital Plastic Surgery Rounds (Toronto, Canada)


Eyelid Reconstruction
Craniofacial Rounds, Sunnybrook Hospital (Toronto, Canada)


Hot Topics in Hand Surgery
Toronto Western Hospital Hand Rounds (Toronto, Canada)

DVT Prophylaxis in Children
Hospital For Sick Children Rounds (Toronto, Canada)

Society Memberships and Meeting Activities

Membership and participation in professional societies is an important method for staying current on new techniques and approaches to plastic surgery and provides a forum for both education and teaching. Dr. Somogyi is an active staff member at Women’s College Hospital and North York General Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. He is a member of:

  • RCPSC (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada)
  • ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
  • CSPS (Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons)
  • OSPS (Ontario Society of Plastic Surgeons)


In addition to this, Dr. Somogyi is active in the following capacities:

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto
  • Course Director, Co-Founder – Breast Reconstruction Awareness CME
  • Division of Plastic Surgery Representative, North York General Medical Staff Association